Extra Virgin
Olive Oil


This oil has a fruity, medium bitter flavor with an intense degree of spiciness. It has a distinct hint of banana typical of the Barnea variety, and vegetable and spiced aromas belonging to the Coratina variety.


The origins of the olive oil obtained from the Barnea variety takes us to Israel. And those of the Coratina variety, to the Italian region of Puglia.


Less than 0.3%

Green and
Black Olives


Brine olives which were hand-picked to ensure its quality and its typical Mediterranean flavor.


Both Picual and Changlot Real varieties come from Spain.


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About Us

This business, which started in 2007, belongs to a three-generation family group of companies. Following an exhaustive background and agroclimatic conditions revision, a strategic location was defined for the development of our olive plantation.

Low rainfall and wide thermal amplitude provide our extra virgin olive oil and table olives with optimal quality worldwide.



Located in the south area of the Province of San Juan, on the foothills of the mountain range, most specifically, in the District of Sarmiento, the estate has the best agroclimatic conditions for the production of extra virgin olive oil and canned olives.

Our plantations, started in 2008 and 2009, have a drip irrigation system and modern plantation frames that facilitate mechanical harvesting and produce top-quality varieties like Coratina, Arbequina, Picual, Changlot Real, and Barnea.